Join Our Committee

Launch 23.1.16 credit: Jon Kilmartin

Can you help us realise this project? We are all a team of volunteers with various expertise but need more people to join with us. Scroll down below to see who we are and where we have vacancies.  Together we can make this happen.

Chair: Leonie Sharp

Directors: Leonie Sharp, Tony Maskill-Rogan and Ian Lawson

Project Management: Tony Maskill-Rogan & Vacancy

Membership Secretary: Bridget Barr

Press Officer: Louise Auty

Social Media Secretary: Jordan Malthouse

Treasurer: Ian Lawson

Accountant: Katie Davies

IT Administrator: (Vacant)

Fundraising Team: Bridget Deakin, Dianne Campbell, Linda Cross



Project Teams:

Membership Finance and Admin: Leonie Sharp, Bridget Barr, Ian Lawson, Nicky Davies

PR Press and Social Media: Leonie Sharp, Louise Auty, Jordan Malthouse

Project Management: Tony Maskill- Rogan (Vacancies)

Design and Build Team: Tony Maskill- Rogan & (Vacancies)

Fundraising Team: Bridget Deakin, Dianne Campbell, Linda Cross

If you wish to join our committee please send an email by following this link to: Join the committee or send an email to