Testimonials and Memories

Please contact us to add your experiences of the Otley Lido – whether it be from 1934 or 1993 until it closed, or your thoughts on the site and what we should do. Your memories and hopes are important to us.

All you need to do is use the comment form below and this will be added to our collection of ideas. Thank you for your support.

From Ken Carter – Otley Resident and Supporter of Friends of the Otley Lido.

I Used to spend almost the whole of the Summer holidays at the Lido, as a boy, into mid-teens. 7/6d (37.5p) for a Season Ticket in mid/late 60’s was incredible value for money for the endless hours of enjoyment that was had there, regardless of the  weather  conditions.
I met my wife, Carol at the pool in 1969, it will be our Ruby Anniversary next year.

Otley deserves to have the Lido ‘re-instated. It would provide a boost to the Town and would provide much-needed leisure facilities which are sadly lacking in Otley, thanks to the neglect of Leeds City Council.”

Colin Murby: Good luck to you getting the lido back to its former glory. Spent many an happy hour there. If I could I would be there to support you 100%

Moni Monagahn: My second home as a child, season ticket bought when pool opened around May time. Was there from 10am to 9pm in non school days,took pack up dinner and tea or bag of chips on the way home.  I don’t think I have any photos as I was generally there on my own I never knew when to go home until I got “kicked out” by the lovely Mr Mutch xx Would be lovely to see it opened up again xx

Gillian Speight: Season tickets, different coloured card depending on weekly, monthly, etc., hot oxo in blue patterned paper cups – don’t know if I’m right but Mr and Mrs Mutch, those bloody changing rooms with concrete (rippled) floor, putting your clothes in a basket – wonderful happy memories, hours and hours spent sometimes on your own but safe and happy, Oh and that blue fountain in the baby pool and a whistle if you got got as a ‘swimmer’ in there, and the slide – oh memories!

Diane Leslie Daphne: God so many memories I loved that pool and a packet of chips. With scraps on the way home if lucky I know we got told off aa couple of time s from Mrs Mutch but she would also have a laugh with you too

Anne Newsome Firth – First day of school holidays, getting your season ticket and going everyday regardless of the weather. I remember Mr and Mrs Mutch and recognise Bridget Barr from the photo

Lizzie Lawrence – Such a shame it’s been allowed to get like that. If they’d left it as an outdoor pool it would have been a little goldmine and brought lots more people to Otley

Shoni Pape – I remember this as a child and it would be lovely to see it back again this has my full support





  1. I have heard so many stories from people who lived in this community who valued having the outdoor swimming facility. I have lived next door to the Lido for 11 years now and every day I have visioned on how to bring this back into existence for our community – run by our community. I would regret not giving this everything I have got to try to make this viable. Leonie

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    • Hi Leoni, Good luck in your vision, I now reside in Whitby but would endeavor to support the project in any way possible to myself. The loss of Wharfemeadows Pool was shameful to say the least. Leeds City Council should now redeem its self and fully support this project. Kind Regards. Lon


  2. So loved that pool with its blue fountain! Learned to swim and spent many happy hours there as a child. Would love to help in any way to bring it back to its former glory!


    • Thanks Caroline. You can help by becoming a member of our organisation through the link on this site. As a member you will receive regular updates and minutes of meetings etc. We need to raise enough at this stage to fund a feasability study and a business plan which is going to be a costly affair. Following this we hope to apply and be successful in a Heritage lottery Grant. Hopefully you’ll come on board by joining us. Thanks for your support. Leonie – Chair of Friends of Otley lido.


  3. I virtually lived at the swimming pool as a child and also when I was older. I was a member of the swimming club and won a bronze medal for coming 3rd in the annual river race. The pool was so much part of my life. I learned to swim there and spent very many happy hours there on summer days.
    A town the size of Otley deserves and needs its swimming pool back. I have to go to Ilkley Lido which is OK but there are features about it that I don’t like: a rough bottom to the pool which is uncomfortable to stand on; unheated water in the outdoor pool; and the fact that there is either deep water or shallow water (for swimmers or non-swimmers) but no in-between depth where you can just swim and then stand and pause or rest if you want to.

    The Otley pool had lovely smooth tiles on its bottom and the depth was gradually increased, and it was also heated. The reinstatement of the pool would bring more visitors to Otley, bringing more custom to local businesses. The Chippendale Pool at Prince Henry’s is no good as it is closed in the summer holidays just when it is the best time to go swimming, during the best weather (hopefully!) and is only open during term time and then only within certain hours. That is far too restricting.
    Otley doesn’t have enough amenities for visitors. When I was a child there were boats on the river too.


  4. In the 1950’s my parents and I travelled by train/bus from Leeds to Otley for our day out in the school summer holidays. I loved the lido. My daughter now lives in Otley with her family and is on the committee fighting for this cause. Good luck


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